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The Best Crystals For Mothers

Crystals for mothers

Mums need to have space to be who they are, yet this can be difficult when juggling the needs of everyone who depends on us. We often put out much more energy than we receive which can lead to stress, depletion, burnout, and even illness.

Self care crystals for mothers

The best crystals for mothers are those that will support self care and self identity to help bring a sense of balance between what we give in life and what we are willing to claim and receive for ourselves. Other essential crystals will help foster the qualities needed to be awesome caregivers. Amidst the turmoil and chaos that motherhood sometimes brings, it’s important to stay calm and teach our kids healthy boundaries, while being patient and kind with our words.

Sometimes we have issues that need healing in our family lines and crystals can also help with that. If you don't want to continue unhelpful behaviours into the next generation, healing the mother who will be the example for the child to follow is the most effective path. Healing family lines  in this way needs to occur in multiple generations, so crystals need to go to both the mother and daughter (and grandmother if possible) so they can all release any unhealthy patterns.

The following crystals have supported my own journey with motherhood:


rose quartz

Rose Quartz is one of the most powerful crystals to increase self-love and support self-care.  Rose Quartz opens heart chakra, calms the emotions, and helps overcome unhelpful emotional patterns. It generates a sense of compassion for yourself and others while helping you release fear and worries. 



Chrysocolla helps you speak with gentleness and be the teacher by sharing your truth and knowledge so that your children may benefit from what you have learned in life.



Morganite helps you release old baggage around being hurt in love and unhealthy patterns of resentment and discontent in relationships.  Morganite helps you open to love in all its forms. Morganite stops you being defensive and and judgemental, allowing you to love others without expectation or agenda. It is the stone of divine love, helping you embody this ideal in everyday life.




Aquamarine facilitates clear, cool, and calm communication by releasing excessive anger and fear. Aquamarine also gives you awareness to move beyond old and unhelpful ways of relating that may have been inherited from family lines.



Jet helps you see the positive in so called 'negative' situations. Jet is very grounding and helps you release attachments and embrace the lesson rather than the emotions of experiences. 



Rhodonite enhances self-worth and confidence in your authentic space so that you don’t loose yourself in the role of being a mum. It also helps you to love and value the gifts and skills you have to share with your children. 



Ocean Jasper

Ocean Jasper helps you stop over-committing fso that you can finish tasks calmly. It helps you have more patience and compassion with yourself and others, learning to 'let things go and let life flow'. Ocean Jasper also helps heal unresolved emotional wounds that may come up when parenting. 



Pink Tourmaline

Pink Tourmaline enhances love, joy, relaxation, and healing. It is high in Lithium and is calming to the body and emotions. 
Pink Tourmaline helps you to find strength in vulnerability, while clearing the auric field so you are centred in daily life.




Malachite helps you step into leadership and the role of the enlightened speaker so that your children can share in your wisdom. 



Kunzite helps you get in touch with real child-like joy and play with your kids with reckless abandon.  Kunzite helps you release your resistance to aspects of life that may be difficult, helping you to approach parenting challenges with grace and receptivity. 


We hope that these crystals will remind you of your own gifts and unique identity while support you in finding that balance between yourself and those who need you.

If you need more personalised crystal advice feel free to pop in and chat to our awesome team.

- Elicia Ward


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