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The Empress & Wolf came to me in the form of a dream in February 2015. 

I dreamt of a beautiful nurturing gallery that had empowerment and healing at its core. As I am an artist, and had previously worked as a gallery operations manager it made complete sense to open up something with a bit more edge, yet keep the warmth and softness of an ambient, gentle space. 

The Empress & Wolf is the symbolic of the duality that sits within: our animal instincts and our ability to direct our empire and create our lives the way we choose. Sometimes the noise of the world can drown out our inner voice and sense of self so much that we are left spinning, desperately looking for an anchor. 

If this is you, you have come to the right place for that much needed nudge in the right direction! 

About - The Empress & Wolf
About - The Empress & Wolf

My name is Elicia and I would like to welcome you to The Empress & Wolf. 

I can help you find that elusive inner peace and calm. Connecting to people on a deeper level is my calling, and I would like to guide you towards your best self. 

You are worth the effort and owe it to yourself to open up your own possibilities and future landscapes. We are all puppets to something. When you recognise who or what is pulling those strings you will have the courage to mould them to suit you, or break free. 

I am direct proof that you do not need a stamp from one of society’s institutions telling you that you can pursue your dreams. Though I have fit my business into the old system I do not choose to follow all the conformity around what I sell, the order I do things or even how I present my business. 


That fantastic new coat or pair of shoes only gave you a tiny spark, not enough to light that fire in your heart. When you choose to buy something it should be chosen with your whole self, not just your eyes. 

I invite you to fully immerse yourself here, and if you choose to purchase something let it be guided by your deepest desires and curiosities. 

Here at The Empress & Wolf our store is filled with items designed to enhance, inspire and lead you to personal growth. From here change begins. 

“I am an artist that has no training, in a business with no credentials doing something that is immeasurable. I feel thankful that I had the courage to be who I really am. Let me help you be who you really are.” - Elicia Ward