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Chrysocolla is a teaching stone. It encourages us to be verbally vulnerable and share our truth and knowledge so that others may benefit from what we have learned. It builds feelings of confidence when expressing yourself to others, while aiding in reducing fear of speaking in social situations. Chrysocolla purifies speech so that your words are imbues with integrity and truth, and clears harshness in the way you speak to other. 

"My healing experience with Chrysocolla was such a refreshing moment. I have spent a lot of time in my more masculine self, driving my dreams into reality, directing large groups of people to achieve group goals and targets. Constantly tied to a to do list, schedule & task based structure. Chrysocolla awakened an undeniable truth within me which allowed me to embrace my feminine side. I must admit I kept my femininity hidden for fear of being seen weak or vulnerable. But when walking through the forest with my Chrysocolla crystal, I felt a weight lifted, I am allowed to be all of me, and I can lead with softness, vulnerability & kindness, yet still able to direct a team of people to bring my dreams into reality." - Elicia