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Crystals for hope

Hope: 'to cherish a desire with anticipation'

It seems so simple, but when you are bogged down by worries, depression, anxiety, and fear it is hard to access this frequency. 

It's so beautiful to feel hopeful about our lives. It rejuvenates the monotonous routine and is a weight off our shoulders in challenging times. 
So often we want to remain optimistic and hopeful but sometimes it can take more energy than we have in a moment. So we have put together a beautiful crystal healing pack to support you through these challenging moments. 

Here are the crystal meanings for the crystals we have chosen for this special bundle.



Prehnite with Epidote

This beautiful crystal combination of Prehnite and Epidote Brings joy to the heart and peace to the mind. It emanates renewal, while grounding excessive anger or nervous energy. It releases patterns of negativity and helps you overcome helplessness and depressed emotional states, giving you a sense of optimism. 

"I chose this healing crystal because it is a beautiful combination lifting us out of a lower vibrational state whilst cleansing us from old wounds. Prehnite with Epidote gives us a calm perspective to work from. I find the more calm we are the more perspective we have access to."


Shungite healing properties

Shungite purifies the auric field, ridding it of negative patterns. This healing process then allows you to see the truth of what is truly an issue in your life and what is just unconscious negativity. It is through this process we can validate, heal and release, bringing forth light and higher truths into our being. 

"I chose Shungite because it is such a healing crystal... because at times we can fool ourselves into thinking an ego based drama is the cause of our discontentment, when really it is another underlying anxiety or worry that needs addressing.



Tiger Eye Tumbled Stones

Tiger Eye is a stone of courage & motivation, helping you to turn toxic feelings into courage and confidence. Tiger Eyes helps you to keep your mind on things you are truly passionate about. By finding our true passions we can once again find hope in the possibilities in our lives. 

"I chose this crystal for healing because it helps us to make choices based on discernment, not judgement, that is aligned to our higher self. This then brings harmony to our extremes allowing us to accept polarities, cutting away a conflict within that drains our energy."

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Fluorite healing properties

Fluorite brings structure and focus to scattered energies which can be brought on by depression or helplessness. It helps to remedy confusion and fear of the future which can keep us feeling stuck in the same lower vibration. 

"I chose this healing crystal because a lot of the time when we are feeling helpless or depressed we tend to prioritise old patterns of negative thought over new thoughts that can bring positivity & optimism in our decision making."

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Amazonite healing properties

Amazonite opens and clears the throat chakra, allowing you the opportunity to speak your truth, therefore healing and releasing repressed or unexpressed feelings. It also helps you reflect on how you use your words to create your own reality. This stone is all about being free to be yourself. Sometimes we can get so caught up on how we 'should' be instead of being who we actually are which can cause a lot of unnecessary angst, fear and worry. 

"I chose this healing crystal because I feel repressed words can consume us and we then direct our energies everywhere but where the original problem lies. By giving ourselves full permission to speak we also free up energy that could be better used to paint the world with words of optimism & hope." 

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Orange calcite healing properties

Orange Calcite holds the energy of optimism & wellbeing. By energizing and Cleansing the auric field one feels more revitalized, and able to take on a more positive mindset. 

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Crystal Healing  Crystal healing

We have created a handful of these special crystal healing packs that include each of the crystals described above. This healing pack is is a small cluster of unearthed crystals that can be used for yourself or for a loved one in need of crystal healing support, to help uplift their vibration and also a wonderful opportunity to show that you care. 

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If you would like a  more personalized crystal pack please contact us directly.


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