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Amazonite has been used in Jewellery for at least 4000 years, and was valued by cultures in India, Egypt, Mesopotamia, and Central and South America.

Amazonite helps you express your personal truth and feelings clearly with the power of words. Amazonite is especially helpful if your fear of conflict stops you from expressing yourself honestly. Amazonite helps you find your truth if you are not sure what you want or feel. If you have weak boundaries, Amazonite can aid in making them stronger. Amazonite will aid in making sure your words and actions are aligned so that you can express yourself in integrity without fear if the thoughts and judgements of others. 

Amazonite Freeform Drop Earrings

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Amazonite Assorted Shape Drop Earrings

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Amazonite Arc Drop Earrings

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Amazonite Assorted Shape Pendants

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Amazonite Round Ornate Drop Earrings

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Amazonite Assorted Shape Rings

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Amazonite Square Ring

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