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5 Must-Have Healing Crystal Jewellery Pieces To Improve Your Wellbeing

5 Must-Have Crystal Jewellery Pieces To Improve Your Wellbeing And Healing Journey | The Empress and Wolf

Healing takes time. It may take weeks, months, or even years for you to bounce back from a difficult situation. Whether you are struggling mentally, experiencing loss, or have the desire to move on from a particular phase in life, all our healing journeys will have obstacles. Whatever it is that you’re going through, know that you are not alone and that there are ways you can make the process easier, strengthen your mind, and develop resilience. 

If you are looking for healing crystal jewellery pieces to heal your mind, soul, or body, we invite you to browse our collection. The Empress and Wolf is a Melbourne crystal shop that has a wide range of healing crystal jewellery pieces such as raw crystal rings, crystal bracelets, crystal necklaces, and crystal earrings that can enhance your healing process.  


5 Healing Crystal Jewellery Pieces

1. Rose Quartz Crystal Rings

Rose Quartz Crystal Rings are healing crystal jewellery pieces | The Empress and Wolf

Rose quartz is one of the most commonly used crystals for healing and is known as the stone of universal and unconditional love. It inherits properties that have the ability to restore trust and harmony in your relationships, enhance your connections, and provide comfort and calm during times of pain. It also stimulates love, respect, and trust in your life as well as encourage self-worth.

For more rose quartz crystal jewellery stones, visit the Melbourne crystal shop, The Empress and Wolf.  

2. Obsidian Crystal Pendants 

Obsidian Crystal Pendants are healing crystal jewellery pieces | The Empress and Wolf

Obsidian is a naturally occurring volcanic glass and is formed when lava cools quickly with little to no crystal growth. It behaves as a protective shield, protecting your character and spirit from both physical and emotional negativity. The reflective feature of obsidian may also act as a mirror where it has the ability to force us to see our negative practices. It can help prevent emotional blockages, and nurture the qualities of strength, clarity, and compassion. One of the most key healing properties that obsidian inherits is that it can help you find your true sense of self. 

We invite you to explore our range of obsidian crystal jewellery types that may be specific to your situation and therefore more effective. 


3. Amazonite Crystal Earrings 

Amazonite Crystal Earrings are healing crystal jewellery pieces | The Empress and Wolf

The ​crystal jewellery Amazonite is capable of helping you gain perspectives of a problem you may be facing. ​This stone soothes emotional trauma, simultaneously relieving any worries and fears. The main reason as to why Amazonite is popular is because it has drives you to understand yourself, embrace your personal values and inner truth, and positions you to be able to express it clearly. ​The stone assists you to set necessary boundaries, both for yourself and for the people around you which is essential for all journeys of reconciliation. It encourages you to move beyond the dread of confrontation and judgement, thus bestowing you more freedom in being yourself whilst also being sincere to your inner truth and integrity.

If you seek to improve your healing process, surround yourself with Amazonite crystal earrings and other Amazonite crystal jewellery pieces.


4. Amethyst Crystal Necklaces 

Amethyst Crystal Necklaces are healing crystal jewellery pieces | The Empress and Wolf

Amethyst is capable of eliminating your mind of negative thoughts and therefore is one of the most protective and healing crystal jewellery pieces you can bring into your life. They are known to help get rid of addictions and disruptive behaviours that may hold back your journey of recovery. It also calms neural signals to restore a sense of tranquillity to your nervous system and body and hence significantly enhances your intuition. Amethyst can be embedded in crystal necklaces, crystal earrings, crystal bracelets, crystal rings, and even perfume bottles. Browse our collection at The Empress and Wolf.


5. Moldavite Crystal Ring 

Moldavite Crystal Rings are a Must-Have Healing Crystal Jewellery Piece To Improve Your Wellbeing | The Empress and Wolf

Wearing or surrounding yourself with Moldavite enhances your ability to transform your behaviour and helps the release of obstructive energy. Hence, Moldavite plays a huge role when it comes to anyone’s mental and emotional recovery. It is a stone connected to the heart chakra which means it encourages you to open your heart and let go of negative energy, past traumas, and present circumstances that are causing you pain. The most important property of the stone is that it motivates and inspires you to practice self-love and self-compassion, which is one of the most difficult actions people face today. 


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The Empress and Wolf is a growing crystal jewellery store located in Melbourne. We offer a variety of products such as raw crystal rings, crystal bracelets, crystal earrings, crystal pendants, and many more. If you have any questions or concerns, or want to know more about crystal jewellery, have a chat with the friendly team at Empress & Wolf.


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