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‘Vulnerability’ - By Elicia Ward

Acrylic on Canvas. Original painting 400mm x 305mm

“It’s a process of time & discipline to evolve into a new woman, one who can trust the people she loves. And each time she trusts, she lets go of the walls that over decades have fenced her in. 

The key? Understanding the drama triangle. She need not be a victim to get her needs met, nor does she need to rescue to feel worthy of love, & finally, she can release the need to project her fears & persecute those who get too close.

Her will keeps her trying, her heart continues to remind her that there is a more peaceful way to be in love.

Being vulnerable does not mean she needs to continually feel threatened, she can just ground herself, let go of her fears & be open to trust.

No doubt she’ll always be a few screws loose. In her mind, perfection isn’t the aim but a journey worth embarking.”

It’s when we truly fall in love we enter a scenario to heal old wounds. It’s a natural response to project, rescue, become a victim or withdraw behind self made walls. But once you have made the decision to love someone wholeheartedly you have also agreed to be vulnerable.

In my experience, the most painful thing to do is to trust someone no questions asked. But I’m continually being pushed beyond my comfort zones by my loving husband. So here I am dealing with the facts of where the core of my problems lie.