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Turquoise (Tibet) Faceted 2mm Bead Necklace


Beautiful Turquoise bead necklaces, stones from Tibet, renowned for their stunning green colour. Each bead is approximately 2mm each. 40cm, 49cm & 50cm in length end to end. Adjustable Sterling Silver chain and clasp. Price is for a single strand.

Turquoise Healing Properties

Turquoise helps you to see everything in life is an expression of the divine. This allows you to accept yourself holistically, rather than disowning aspects you don't like. Embracing all aspects of creation fosters a true sense of wholeness. Turquoise helps you to forgive yourself and release regrets, understanding that any experience can help us grow and learn. 


Free postage Australia wide for orders over $100. Jewellery is lovingly gift wrapped.