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Trusting The Dawn: How to Choose Freedom and Joy After Trauma


Mary Firestone survived the unthinkable. In 2018, she lived through the Montecito mudslide that dropped 200 million gallons of rainfall in 15 minutes, washing away her home. Trapped alone in her bathroom while pregnant, not sure if her husband and four-year-old son were still alive, she wasn’t thinking that her trauma was a gift in disguise. Yet, as she began her journey to healing, this is exactly what she discovered.

If you’ve experienced trauma―whether through the helpless terror of a life-altering event or through the subtle victimization of an ongoing hardship―it might feel as if the very foundation of your well-being has been irreparably shaken. Yet we now know that trauma, when healed and integrated, can in fact make us more resilient and dynamic. With 
Trusting the Dawn, Mary Firestone presents an inspirational guide for turning our traumas into the very things that crack open a new, intangible, rapturous, magical dimension of life.

Throughout the book
, Firestone draws from both her own healing journey and her background in clinical psychology to offer a radical, integrative handbook for not only healing from trauma but awakening to even more empowerment, joy, and meaning because of your experiences. Stories of triumphant survival and interviews with experts bring to life an extensive resource guide and holistic tool kit filled with pathways to healing, including reframing with language, energy and movement practices, acupuncture, aromatherapy, breathwork, and more

Trusting the Dawn is an invitation to see that you are more complex, multidimensional, connected, and powerful not in spite of what you’ve been through but because of what you’ve endured.