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Rainbow Tourmaline Faceted 1.5-2mm Bead Necklace


Gorgeous, multi colour Tourmaline faceted bead necklace. Each bead is approximately 1.5-2mm each and comes in all the colours of the rainbow. Necklace length is 40cm-49cm in length end to end. Adjustable Sterling Silver chain and clasp. Price is for a single strand.

While Tourmaline is found all over the world, Gem quality Tourmaline is rare. It has been known since ancient times in Greece and India.

Rainbow Tourmaline Healing Properties

Pink and Green Tourmaline opens the heart to love, joy, relaxation, and healing. It is high in Lithium and is therefore calming to the body and emotions. Pink Tourmaline helps you to find strength in vulnerability, while balancing and cleansing the emotions. Emotionally, Yellow and Orange Tourmaline is believed to contribute to self awareness and reflection and, as such, encourage spiritual growth. 


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