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Throwing Hooks

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'Throwing Hooks'

Original Artwork - By Elicia Ward 

People will always throw you hooks. They want you to buy into how they feel, they want you to be at their level...Intentionally or not it’s a human desire to have people ‘with us’, on our side... but sometimes you just have to compassionately empathise & say, ‘yeah, no thanks’. 

Leave them to their moment. 

Even the best won’t satisfy them anyway because the problem actually lies within them, not you. 

So let them attempt, but hold your focus. 

Stay true to how you want to live, & who YOU want to be in each moment.

Original Painting 455mm x 455mm

About The Artist

Originally from Adelaide, I have lived in Daylesford, Victoria since 2009. I am the owner & creator of The Empress & Wolf and have designed a few different products to promote the message that was given to me in a dream - “To Inspire & Empower.” It is my deepest passion to lead by example and free the world of silly pigeonhole thinking, everyone deserves the opportunity to fully express their being without being pressured to alter or hold back.