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The Psychic Protection Handbook


Do you wish you could feel safer and more positive in your daily life? Are you put-upon by others? Do you worry constantly about dangers that may be lurking around the corner? Most people live in a state of insecurity and negativity without even realising it. The Psychic Protection Handbook addresses the kinds of psychic or soul disruption that are commonly encountered. It explains how we can become spiritually streetwise and guard our souls against such unpleasant outside disturbance with simple and commonsense strategies. Caitln Matthews' practical rituals and wise advice will help you to strengthen your self esteem and build your confidence, so that you cease to be affected by psychic disturbance. Chapters include:· Transforming fear and panic· Strengthening your psychic health· Overcoming negative thinking· Dealing with uninvited guests in your soul and mind· Protecting your home and family· Healing relationship and ancestral issues· Dealing with people and work problems· Becoming attuned to spiritual guidance.