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The New Science Of Narcissism


Cut Through the Noise Around Narcissism with the Leading Researcher in the Field

“Narcissism” is truly one of the most important words of our time―ceaselessly discussed in the media, the subject of millions of online search queries, and at the center of serious social and political debates. But what does it really mean?

The New Science of Narcissism, Dr. W. Keith Campbell pulls back the curtain on this frequently misused label, presenting the most recent psychological, personality, and social research into the phenomenon.

Rather than pathologizing all behaviors associated with the label, Campbell reveals that not only does narcissism occur on a spectrum, but almost everyone exhibits narcissistic tendencies in their day-to-day behavior. Drawing from real-life incidents and case studies, 
The New Science of Narcissism offers tools, tips, and suggestions for softening toxically selfish behaviors both in yourself and others. Here you will discover:

· An exploration of personality disorders connected with and adjacent to narcissism
· Why minor narcissistic tendencies are common in most people
· The foundational difference between grandiose and vulnerable narcissism
· Different psychological models of personality and how they interpret narcissistic behaviors
· The “recipe” of mental and emotional traits that combine into narcissism
· How to identify when you’re in a relationship with a narcissist and what you can do about it
· Why the 21st century has seen the rise of a “Great Fantasy Migration” into evermore insular subcultures
· The connection between narcissistic tendencies and leadership
· Why “the audience in your pocket” of social media has exacerbated culture-wide narcissistic tendencies

Though narcissism looms large in our cultural consciousness, 
The New Science of Narcissism offers many different options for understanding and treating it. With Campbell’s straightforward and grounded guidance, you’ll not only discover the latest and best information on the condition, but also a hopeful view of its future