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The Nature Alchemist Steampunk Potions


The Nature Alchemist Steampunk Potions are a distinctive, steampunk styled range of natural oils formulated to enhance your energy and environment. For Body, Bath or Diffuser. Each potion comes boxed with dropper.

Available in 8 blends: Balanced, Confident, Connected, Focused, Joyful, Motivated, Relaxed, and Strong. 


Restore 'Balance' in every aspect of your life. Revitalise mood and release tension. This 'Balanced' potion promotes feelings of relaxation and aids in the release of emotional blockages and physical pain. Feel calmer, happier and more supported.

Essence of the Banyan in Mauritius. Frankincense and Dragon's Blood essential oils in Sweet Almond Oil. Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Malachite, Nuummite, Rose Quartz and Sugilite crystals.



Enhance your courage, self-worth, and inner strength. This 'Confident' potion helps to shift old habits, lift self-esteem and remove self-judgement and shyness. With confidence comes greater determination; quit addictions, go after goals and live a more fulfilled life by being authentically 'you'.

Essence of the Olive tree in Olympus, Greece. Cassia and Aswan Egyptian Bergamot essential oils in Sweet Almond Oil. Stibnite, Meteorite and Carnelian crystals.



Build and unite relationships with your family, friends, community and yourself. The 'Connection' potion assists in dissolving self-doubt and feelings of inferiority. Bring light into the darker aspects of your life, feel safe and allow yourself to trust more in others.

Essence of the Baobab in Senegal, Africa. Myrrh, Peppermint, Ginger and Dragon's Blood essential oils in Sweet Almond oil. Tangerine Quartz, Garnet, Lapis and Nuummite crystals.



Allow your mind, body and senses to align, restoring calm and leaving your still, clear and 'Focused'. This potion is ideal if your thoughts are scattered and you desire more clarity and concentration. Use when learning something new or working on an important task to direct energy and attention to the job at hand.

Essence of the Pagoda tree in Xian, China. Rosemary, Wild Orange, Cassia and Lemon essential oils in Sweet Almond Oil. Green Jade and Azeztulite crystals.



This 'Joyful' potion inspires life to be lived fully and through the heart. A go-to when you are feeling stuck in the past, or wishing to dissolve pain and hurt. Feel uplifted, present and free. Like a rainbow in the sky use 'Joyful' to feel a warm embrace.

Essence of the Rainbow Gum tree in Maui, Hawaii. Aswan Egyptian Rose and Oregano essential oils in Sweet Almond oil. Rose Quartz and White Precious Opal crystals.



This 'Motivated' potion gifts you with mental clarity while enhancing your physical stamina and energy. It assists in overcoming any difficulties and distractions standing in your way. This unique potion boosts motivation and drive, pushing you towards your goals.

Essence of the Snow Gum in Mount Kosciusko, Australia. Cilantro, Clove and Lemongrass essential oils in Sweet Almond oil. Amergreen and Carnelian crystals.



Create balance, harmony and welcome a more 'Relaxed' state of being. Drift off to soothing sleep, meditate with peace and wind down from your day. Feel your body ease and let go. The 'Relaxed' potion provides a warm feeling of comfort by neutralising extremes and creating a tranquil environment.

Essence of the Moreton Bay Fig in Perth, Western Australia. Aswan Egyptian Royal Amber, Clary Sage and Frankincense essential oils in Sweet Almond oil. Amber, Azurite, Aragonite and Blue Kyanite crystals.


Strip away anything false and misleading in your life, and allow yourself to 'get-real'. 'Strong' provides a direct link to your intuition, helping you to recognise resources within yourself and be more in tune with your own strengths. Clear confusion for clarity and remove your masks to reveal true authenticity. Become strong in all areas of your life.

Essence of the Oak in Victoria, Australia. Myrrh and Black Pepper essential oils in Sweet Almond oil. Moldavite, Merlinite and Tiger Eye crystals.