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The Lines



'The Lines'

Original Artwork by Elicia Ward

"She Fought the Family Line for She Knew a Better Way"


I shattered the broken records that tied me to poor programs embedded by generations gone by. I was dedicated to awakening, healing & evolving but it left me with an unfillable void.
‘Emptiness is the achievement of healing these lines’.
By birthing the truth of myself into the world, my healing became inverted. Self validation, self love & the ability to be present with who I really am, was the new focus.
The refinement of one’s own integrity becomes a dialog with the inner selves. The outside world still questions my every move, but I’m not be moved by the lines they throw.
This new flavour of emptiness will no doubt be an intriguing path much like the one which has met me here, & I am embracing it all with every cent I have, but I’m missing the sense in the whole price I have paid.
So I entwine the air with more wishes, ‘may tomorrow bring me the next revelation’ & ‘may that inspire motivation for the next fog to diffuse’. Clarity really is for the unawakened or for textbooks.
The lines I am referring to are the generational influences, placing thousands of years of patterning into our childhood drenching us in contrast so we make a choice to either repeat or fight to break the cycle.

About The Artist

Originally from Adelaide, I have lived in Daylesford, Victoria since 2009. I am the owner & creator of The Empress & Wolf and have designed a few different products to promote the message that was given to me in a dream - “To Inspire & Empower.” It is my deepest passion to lead by example and free the world of silly pigeonhole thinking, everyone deserves the opportunity to fully express their being without being pressured to alter or hold back.

Original painting 900mm x 900mm