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The Crystal Magic Tarot


The Crystal Tarot deck and guidebook expands the use of tarot beyond self-awareness and future predictions into the world of manifesting and intention-setting. This tarot 78-card tarot deck isn't created to help explain your fate but to control it. Explore, clarify and take hold of your destiny and manifest what you want to happen in your life. The combination of tarot (intentions and insights) and crystals (energy and power) is potent -- and hitherto relatively unexplored.

Each card is beautifully illustrated and will be linked to a crystal which either amplifies or protects you from its energy. The good news is that readers don't need to have 78 crystals, as all crystal energies are broadly colour-coded, so as long as they have roughly 12 differently coloured crystals, you can still play along! And if you don't, the pack will explain how you can pick up 'wild stones' in all different colours, and how you charge them up like crystals.

This dynamic, potent deck will empower you to navigate the universe, take charge of your life and manifest your ideal future. What are you waiting for?