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The Archangel Metatron Self-Mastery Oracle


Archangel Metatron is a powerful ally who watches over the angelic realm and serves as a bridge to Earth. Metatron is able to help with concerns in our lives, and these stunning 55 cards and guidebook address situations, challenges, and gifts that arise throughout life. The theme and message for each card in this deck were channeled through the Archangel, bringing forth an energy whose time is now and that will increase in importance as you travel through the years to come. On this path of self-mastery, you will explore colour therapy, sacred geometry, the elements, and angelic wisdom as you learn to deepen your relationship with Metatron through readings that give a sense of enlightenment, peace, and expanded light. You will be asked to question, evolve, and grow as you take the opportunity to cast off the old you and reveal the new, emerging, empowered self - all under the umbrella of Metatron's love, colour, and light.

AUTHOR: Amanda Ellis specialises in the energy of Archangel Metatron. She is a healer, colour therapist, and intuitive teacher. Jane Delaford Taylor is a professional artist and illustrator, well known for her inspirational paintings that capture the energy and light of the angelic realm.

55 oracle cards and guidebook giving messages from Archangel Metatron A journey into self-mastery using colour therapy, sacred geometry, the elements, and angelic wisdom The first oracle deck devoted to the teaching, healing, and energy of Archangel Metatron Boxed set includes 55 art cards