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The Arcana Of Astrology


The Arcana of Astrology is a dreamy deck of 54 oracle cards revolving around all things astrological. Author and artist Claire Goodchild created this deck as a tool to teach the archetypes of astrology with art inspired by vintage star charts and cards featuring the zodiac signs, the twelve houses and the planets, moon phases and more. The term oracle encompasses all card decks used for divination, which are typically used for fortune telling as a way to get advice on a situation, seek answers to a problem and to better yourself. But don’t be intimidated if you know nothing about astrology or oracle reading—the 96 page guidebook teaches you everything you need to know about deciphering your astrological birth chart, reading cards and applying the insights you’ll gain to your life. With practice, The Arcana of Astrology will deepen your connection to the cosmos, to yourself and to those around you.