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The Alchemy of Love


The Alchemy of Love is for those who are here to find the secrets to lasting happiness through understanding the divine nature of relationships. In order to live with love, everything we think, do and say must be an authentic expression of who we really are - which is a magnificent being of light. The Alchemy of Love will guide you through some simple yet profound truths which will give you the keys to your happiness.

Go on a journey to understand the higher purpose of your life, understand that through the roller coaster of life's experiences you can learn to love yourself and bring change to yourself and others. Includes practical down to earth spiritually based tools to love everything about who you are.

This book is written for women, maybe relationships have failed, maybe a history of broken families and fear that you will never love the way you want to. It's women who've lost husbands, women who saw their mothers have no power in relationships, women who are young and so focused on their career they don't know if they will ever get what they want. Women are searching for answers even if they are in relationships. It's the women who had their own dreams, then married, now have children and are lost who they are. When women have little financial power they feel they have no right to happiness.

Loving yourself and others is one of the major reasons you are on earth and this guidebook will give you the `how'.