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Tarot Distinctions


A Comprehensive Exploration Into the Ancient Wisdom of Tarot - By  Ruanna Marie Segal
    • 460 pages in full colour
    • Australian made
    • In-depth Tarot meanings, information, exercises, and spreads so that you can learn Tarot at your own pace
    • Numerology & Astrological associations for each card
    • Mythology & symbolism meanings for each card

"I am not what has happened to me. I am what I choose to become." - Carl Jung

Ruanna Segal has devoted her life to studying the mysteries of the esoteric and the tarot. This book, Tarot Distinctions contains that wealth of knowledge and years of experience from assisting people achieve their potential and live their truth.

Throughout the pages of this book, you will learn how to incorporate this ancient wisdom into your everyday life, and into your future goals - to live a richer and fuller life, no matter what your focus; whether health, wealth, love and happiness. It is also a guide for your spiritual journey.

The complexity of the tarot is presented in layers where you can synthesis the knowledge simply and have access to it every day. Starting with Ruanna's own story, and using her own life examples, she shows you the way. But she also encourages you to use your own examples, through the exercises provided so you can ground the meaning of each tarot card and understand the message in your own particular way.

"The role of the teacher is to inspire the love of learning." - Ruanna Other modalities that have strong connections with the tarot, such as; Numerology, Astrology, Psychology, Mythology and Symbology, are well discussed by Ruanna. To expand your knowledge a comprehensive list of questions, and answers, cover all aspects - questions such as; how to read the cards, when to read the cards and which classic spread to use. The aim is for you to become confident in how you read the cards.

This book will give you the tools to reinvent yourself. It will give you answers into why things are the way they are and the freedom to change and turn things around. Through the learning of tarot you will experience profound personal growth and have a skill-set to recreate a new future as well as assisting others along the way.