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Suiting the Scene

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'Suiting the Scene'

Original Artwork By Elicia Ward  

“I always wear my best suit to suit the scene. But at times I fade into the background & I want to escape through some back door. The truth is though, I want to be more connected, I want more depth & more options. More opportunity to feel alive & awake. All the categories of where I can possible fit fade into the background, even me, people know me for my suit? Or how I dress? How did I even get here with these people? They are not my tribe, they don’t know me at all. 

So with this truth today I vow to move forward into the most authentic & courageous person i can be, fearless & confident. These are the qualities I shall express for the rest of my days”

The Light Globe man you see in this painting is one of my favourite characters from my mind. The head of this man is all about the invention of ideas, he is the creator. The light is either on or off depending on my feeling or the message I would like to portray. He came to me when I was creating a music video for a friend of mine. The lyrics called out to me loud and clear, He shows up in many of my artworks because of his inventive nature.