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Smokey Quartz Crystal Cluster 8cm


Beautiful Smokey Quartz cluster with a mixture of different sized toasty mocha points and rainbow inclusions throughout the quartz base. Size is approximately: Height 8cm x Width 10cm x Depth 6cm.

Crystal Clusters are cut in order to radiate the stones energy up and out of the points of termination in all surrounding directions. 

A husky protector of your spirit and your space, this crystal will be your wise soul of clarity and the earth in which to ground your energy. Its' a firm believer in all things balanced and therefore is a great stone to have nearby in places that you may need reminding to remain calm and breathe such as an office space or beside the front door.

Smokey Quartz Healing Properties

Smokey Quartz is a powerful cleanser and grounding stone. It cleans your energy field and aura. Smokey Quartz also connects you to the earth, helping you feel embodied and more engaged with material reality. 


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