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Sigils, Ciphers and Scripts


The occult art of magic writing begins in pre-history with the creation of the two elemental signs called the dot or egg and the line, serpent or sperm.
These two signs are the mother and father of all other signs, symbols and letters that have come into being.
The meaning and form of the two signs have been symbolically refined over the millennia by magicians. In the form of magic letters they are signatures, literal and abstract, of the Universal forces of Creation, from where all knowledge originates.
Concisely written and richly illustrated, Magic Writing is a most accessible and informative book on the occult history and graphic origins of the signs, symbols, scripts and ciphers of Western Occultism. Making it the first point of reference for all artists, designers, students and tutors with an interest in the esoteric glyphs of European mysticism.