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Green Serpentine & Stichtite Pendulum


Stunning vibrant green and purple colours in these Green Serpentine and Stichtite crystals, each faceted into a diamond shaped pendulum. Stones measure approximately Length 4cm (+) x Width 2.5cm (+). Stones are attached to a Sterling Silver chain and end loop which measures 27cm in length.

*Stones may vary slightly from picture due to being a natural element

Stichtite Healing Properties

A stimulator of Kundalini energies; it blends the vibrations of love, forgiveness and spiritual illumination by linking the heart and crown chakras. This purple/pink stone of joy emanates the energies for protection from negativity by putting the wearer inside an 'egg of Light,' which shields and promotes resilience in both the emotional and physical body. It's also a stone of forgiveness. It softens hardened attitudes, and allows you to see the point of view of others more clearly.

Green Serpentine Healing Properties

A strong Kundalini activator, Serpentine with its 'Serpent Power,'  assists in bringing about a safe and balance awakening of profound energies. It's a good stone for clearing blocked energies and allowing the healthy natural flow to be reestablished. Serpentine harmonises healing energies, it is soothing to the emotional body, and allows one to release fear of change and hardship, and to look ahead to the future with expectation and excitement.


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