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Sapphire Large Oval Ring


Large elongated oval shaped, multi faceted Sapphire, bezel set in a Sterling Silver ring band. Size: 6.5/N.

As inky blue as the midnight sky. Let this stone hold space for you like the universe holds space between the twinkling sparkle of the stars. Sapphire conjures up images of Kings and Queens, Wizards and Philosopher's. Gaze into the expansive depth of this stone and let its vibrational energy ease your mind, clear your path and elicit your internal wisdom.

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Sapphire Healing Properties

Sapphire has long been treasured as a stone of Royalty. Sapphire aligns your will with your heart, helping your creations in the world be infused with loving, joyful energy. Helpful in aiding overall physical health, it also can be worn when emotional energy requires some balancing, to prevent unmeasured outbursts and promote clarity of thought and action. 


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