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Rubik's Cube

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'Rubik's Cube'

Original Artwork by Elicia Ward

You are an ever changing eternally evolving cube of complicated combinations based upon your unique experience 

The fire is still in me
I just need a minute to breathe
The fire is still within me
I just need to change my perspective to see
What it is that I need
What it is I need to speak
To get out of the background of my own life & state what I mean
For now, I’m looking for the finish line
But I’ve lost the combination that is me

I’ve got to take time to reframe & remember I am ever changing much like this Rubik’s cube no matter how stuck I seem to feel. I’ll just hang in there & wait for the change I’ve been praying for, knowing it’s just an adjustment in perspective or acceptance of limitations that I need to learn to let be. 

Original Painting 610mm x 610mm

About The Artist

Originally from Adelaide, I have lived in Daylesford, Victoria since 2009. I am the owner & creator of The Empress & Wolf and have designed a few different products to promote the message that was given to me in a dream - “To Inspire & Empower.” It is my deepest passion to lead by example and free the world of silly pigeonhole thinking, everyone deserves the opportunity to fully express their being without being pressured to alter or hold back.