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Rhodochrosite High Grade Tumbled Stones (Argentina)


Beautiful high grade Rhodochrosite tumbled stones from Argentina, showcasing an assortment of patterns and pops of pink, black, brown and cream. Stones will be intuitively chosen for you, we always pick the best stones in store for our online customers.

Rhodochrosite Healing Properties

Rhodochrosite is the most helpful crystal for healing a broken heart, emotional wounds, deep trauma, and grief. It reconnects you to your inner child, restoring the innocence and joy that trauma can make difficult to access. Rhodochrosite connects you to the loving energies of the unwounded heart, allowing you to take action from a place of love, even in the face of fear due to past pain.  If you want to find a sense of playfulness and creativity in your life after you have been hurt, Rhodochrosite is a powerful ally. 


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