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Apophyllite & Stilbite on Matrix Pendant


Rare specimen which is a combination of Apophyllite & Stilbite on Matrix set in a Sterling Silver Pendant. Chain sold separately.

Chains available here

Apophyllite activates your inner vision and psychic gifts, allowing for greater connection to your higher self. When you experiences have caused you to feel disillusioned, Apophyllite helps get you back on track so that you can continue your spiritual journey. It helps you cultivate trust in the Divine and gain a more enlightened perspective about worldly experiences. 

Stilbite increases mental focus and clarity, allowing you to execute plants to manifest your dreams with a positive attitude & state of mind. If you find yourself settling for less, Stilbite will help you uncover the truth of what your heart truly desires and help you have the mental capacity to make it possible. Stilbite is great if you feel indecisive due to fear of the wrong decision by helping you understand that any choice you make will lead to learning, so you can't really lose.

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