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Rainbow & Cat’s Eye Moonstone Winged Triple Drop Earrings


Beautiful, Cat’s Eye and Rainbow Moonstone cabochons, bezel set in Sterling Silver drop earrings with silver wing design details.

Moonstone has been used by many cultures since ancient times. 

Rainbow Moonstone Healing Properties

Moonstone helps build your psychic awareness and intuition, while connecting you to the divine feminine within and without. It aids in learning to surrender to divine timing and the larger cycles of life.  

Cat’s Eye Moonstone Healing Properties

A transparent to opaque variety of Moonstone, much like the chatoyancy of its Rainbow cousin. Cat’s Eye stone helps relieve you from feelings of anxiety and stress, which in turn gives you a more hopeful and positive attitude towards life. Cat's Eye can also bestow you with self confidence and creativity, enhancing ones memory and broadening your perspective in life.


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