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Quartz with Lepidocrocite and Goethite Inclusions Marquise Pendant


Marquise shaped Clear Quartz cabochon with rare Lepidocrocite and Goethite inclusions claw set in a Sterling Silver pendant. Chains sold separately. 

Chains available here

Clear Quartz Healing Properties

Called 'the perfect jewel' by the Japanese, Clear Quartz enhances mental, spiritual, and emotional clarity, encouraging a more enlightened state of being. Its clarity enhancing properties can help clear confusion, strengthen your purpose, aid memory, and increase psychic abilities. 

Lepidocrocite Healing Properties

Lepidocrocite is a wonderful stone to assist in feeling deeper states of surrender to the divine. Lepidocrocite helps you move through and transcend overwhelming emotional states that keep you trapped in the past and stagnate your progress in life. Holding onto such emotions are often a manifestation of a deeper and more pervasive need for control in life due to unacknowledged fear and Lepidocrocite helps you release these underlying fears and feel a greater state of allowing what is to be as it is. 

Goethite Healing Properties

Goethite is a good stone for those who want to connect to their ancestral and past life wisdom. As such it is a powerful healing stone, helping you deeply clear unconscious patterns that are affecting your life. 


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