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Prehnite Crystal Slices


Uniquely patterned Prehnite Crystal Slices, perfect for displaying jewellery or other small items on. A selection of different shapes, patterns and price points available.

Slice A - 362 grams - L 15.5cm x W 7.5cm x H 1.4cm

Slice B - 265 grams - L 15.5cm x W 6cm x H 1.7cm

Slice C - 198 grams - L 12.7cm x W 6.5cm x H 1.3cm

Slice D - 196 grams - L 12.5cm x W 5.8cm x H 1.3cm (Not freestanding)

Prehnite Healing Properties 

Prehnite is a joyful and peaceful heart-healing stone that inspires hope. It calms excessive anxiety and irritation, filling the emotional body with cool and nourishing energy.


Free postage Australia wide for orders over $100. Jewellery is lovingly gift wrapped.