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Power: A Woman's Guide To Living And Leading Without Apology


Kemi Nekvapil knows the feelings of fear, vulnerability and powerlessness. Growing up in foster care, many times she had the doors to validation and opportunity closed to her because of her race and gender. Learning to make her own choices and use her voice without apology were her first steps towards a bold, purpose-filled life.

Now a highly respected executive and personal coach, Kemi has created a five-step framework to guide other women to build their power through-

Presence to understand what is and isn't working in our lives
Ownership of our personal narratives, especially our power stories
Wisdom about our needs, boundaries and growth
Equality as part of the diverse human family, all of us worthy
Responsibility for our choices, healing and happiness

Blending inspiring stories with reflective coaching practices, 
POWER provides the tools to navigate the challenges that impact who we are and how we lead, from discrimination and burnout to trauma and self-doubt.

your power and create a life of true joy and fulfilment.