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Peridot Spinner Ring


Unique, multi banded and patterned with flora design motifs Spinner Ring Band, set with a brilliant cut Peridot gemstone. Two sizes available.

Ring sizing guide

*Please Note, due to the thicker band style we recommend going up a ring size.

Spinner Ring Benefits 

Also known as a 'Meditation Ring' or 'Worry Ring' and originally heralding from Tibet, they involve an inner band that is locked in place which can be spun, whilst the rest of the ring stays in one place on your finger. Spinner rings are usually crafted in Silver which enhances your connection to the moon and to your emotions.

Spinner Rings are often worn by those needing a healthy distraction, or a subtle channel to 'fidget' through in times of tension, boredom and anxiety, or when dealing with physical or emotional withdrawal stresses. 

Peridot Healing Properties

Peridot helps you manifest abundance in the forms of material wealth, health, and emotional wellbeing. It increases your capacity to receive blessings from the universe in all forms and helps remove any blockages to experiencing abundance. 


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