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Omega Original 18ct Gold Plated Necklace 1.25mm

$55.00 $175.00

They are 18ct Gold Plating & Sterling Silver with a Rhodium Plating to keep the shine. These gorgeous pieces can be worn on their own as a simple and elegant necklace, or you can hang your favourite pendants on them to create your own personalised statement piece. Pendants available here

The big benefit is there is no claps that can interfere going into smaller bevel sizes. 

SPECIFICS : Open they are 45-50cm long & closed they are 50cm long. They are 1.25mm thick.  

In the Ayurvedic system of healing from India, gold is warming, enlivening, and boosts physical health & vitality. It is helpful if you feel depressed & sluggish or ungrounded & anxious. It is considered a metal of good fortune, attracting abundance and blessings to those who wear it.


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