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Numerology And Your Future, 2nd Edition: The Predictive Power Of Numbers


People who succeed do so not only because they are determined but because they know when to take action! In this updated, revised, and rewritten 2nd edition, Dusty Bunker will help you predict your future and identify trends around the world through personal cycles and numbers. Find out the importance of timing and how you can use number cycles to plan what’s ahead and prosper in unbelievable ways. In a stroke of divine comparison, you’ll find the accuracy of the predictions Dusty made in 1979 for the 1980 decade and then what’s to come beyond that through the trends she reveals for the 2020s—what she calls “A Decade of Privacy Due to Burnout: Ransomware, the Internet, Social Media, Deepfake, Facebook, Politics, Robocalls, and Sex.” And . . . for the first time, she unveils a repeating cycle that will occur in the 2020 decade that suggests three major world-shifting events. In this perfect companion to her major work, Numerology and the Divine Triangle, take a revealing and uplifting journey of personal discovery to spiritual awareness. You’ll find that timing is the key to success in love, money, fame, and happiness!