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Never Change

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"Never Change"

Original Artwork by Elicia Ward

Never Change the Original Blueprint you came here with. Meet each mirror passionately with intrigue. Allow the impact to ravish & reactivate the truth in you. Keep being foolishly innocent, sweetly pure, guard only the Original. Let life interrupt you. Then build radiant castles that glow like a beacon of hope for those who come after you. Not all get through. Not all survive the fierceness of life, most drown , settling in a monotonous routine. 

Rise up, be YOU amongst the vehemence of life & be proud you have done so. 

All the people I was programmed to trust set me on fire in hope I would burn to dust & my dreams would follow. Instead I glowed. I continued on, embracing the Original in me. Tainted of course, wounded indeed but more motivated & determined than ever. 

Resilience allows me to stand in the fire & not get burned. 

‘She put her heart in everything she did.’

‘I’m all in’, was a common phrase spoken from her lips. 

“Sadly, that left her unprotected & vulnerable amongst every storm.

The damage this caused creates the Art.  But this last time her shield of protection never came back & when she looked down beneath her coat she realised she wore the armour that in past days she so desperately reached out for.

Her heart now lay bare next to her - pierced and wounded - yet she continued…... driven beyond even the heart”

Original painting 950mm x 950mm