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My First Tarot


Now you can understand Tarot in just minutes with this new reading system that allows you to interpret what each card means based on its position in an eight-card spread.  Each of the 78 colourful Tarot cards shows keywords, time frames, and eight meanings. There is no confusion about what the cards mean when placed in the reading spread, as each meaning is written on each card!

The included guidebook leads you through the 78 cards' deeper meanings. Your reading will address who you are, your distant and recent past, what's happening now, influences, special advice, situations around you, and your future. It's very simple: shuffle the deck, lay out your eight-card spread, read the messages for each card shown. And that's it! Tarot at your fingertips!

Fun and accurate for anyone, at any stage of learning the Tarot.

Includes cards and book.