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Morganite Emerald Cut Pendant


Emerald cut pink Morganite gemstone, claw set in a Sterling Silver pendant. Chains sold separately.

Chains available here

Also known as Pink Emerald, Morganite is a variety of Beryl, and comes in ranging shades of pink and purple. This soft beauty, a beacon of love and harmony with its direct connection to the heart chakra, will help you to channel love, not only to others, but directly to oneself. The most important love of them all.

Morganite Healing Properties

Morganite helps you open to love in all its forms. It helps you connect to divine love, as well as healing the heart and emotions so that we are free of the past and able to love more fully in the present. Morganite assists you in lowering your defences around letting love in, and learning to be loving and vulnerable again. It also helps you release judgement and practice acceptance.


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