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Miracle vs Robot

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“Miracle vs Robot” By Elicia Ward 

Oil on canvas with Graphite. Original Painting measures 300mm x 255mm

‘I sat in a daze wondering how I got here...Quickly my mind defensively said, ‘You did the right thing, you followed all the instructions on how to be a good human.’ 

Then my heart whispered, ‘But you didn’t hear me when I called out to you, I’m the only one who knows how to find a miracle!’

So often we sit within the guidelines of what we have been taught. Our mind so controlling & very quick to tell us what to do. But for a miracle to occur we actually need to step outside the confines of our mind. Release ourselves from the old habits of response & comfort zones.

What feels right sometimes makes no sense at all, but then again, the mind is also baffled by how miracles occur.