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Malachite Crystal Points 6.5cm-9.5cm


Brilliant Emerald Green Malachite Crystal Points. Available in three sizes.

A spiritual jewel of the earth, with its mesmerising organic markings and unique eye shaped patterns. Like the age bands on a tree, this stone of growth and transformation is decorated with lines, waves and ripples. It is often found in places to ward off negative occurrences,  and provide security and protection to you and your home.

Malachite Healing Properties

Malachite strengthens your ability to take action in the world and drives you to create and manifest your dreams. It carries the frequency of Enlightened Leadership. Malachite helps to burn through the fog of emotional confusion and helps overcome fears around self-expression. This stone can assist you to identity the steps you need to take to bring your dreams, wishes and visions into physical reality.


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