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Lemon Quartz Crystal Point Pendant


Beautiful, soft Lemon Quartz crystal points, bezel set in a Sterling Silver pendant. Whilst this is a heat treated quartz crystal, it still maintains its natural inclusions and vibration. Chain sold separately.

Chains available here

Lemon Quartz Healing Properties

Lemon Quartz is an ideal stone if you a wishing for more abundance in your life. A symbol of good luck and fortune, it reminds us to count our blessings, whilst guiding the user in manifesting new opportunities and prosperous endeavours. It has the ability to assist you in overcoming obstacles, and the additional support to make decisions; with calm and self assurance. It can be your gentle encouragement when setting proper emotional boundaries, ones which can be enforced and maintained when necessary. It will help you stay on track when moving forward, especially when faced with unsettling circumstances.


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