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Kyanite Elongated Oval Ring


Elongated Oval shaped, lightly faceted and polished Kyanite. A beautiful vibrant blue with inclusions of an inkier blue, bleeding throughout the stone. This piece is bezel set in a Sterling Silver ring band. Size 5/K. Matching pendant also available.

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A rich juicy blue, this faceted beauty is often used as an elevator for spiritual and psychic abilities. Its true gift is helping you form connections in all aspects of your everyday life. When creating connection, you facilitate an environment of harmony and peace in which integration and true deep connections can blossom and thrive.

Kyanite Healing Properties

Kyanite carries the energy of connection, acting as an energetic bridge and bringing contrasting aspects of life into resonance. So it is incredibly helpful in situations of negotiation between people when conflict is a likelihood. Kyanite also aids in bringing together all your experience, passions, and skills to find your unique gift to offer the world. On a spiritual level, Kyanite activates psychic awareness and helps us create new energetic pathways to shift perception away from habitual thought and emotion patterns.


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