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Judgement Detox Journal - Gabrielle Bernstein


The work you’ll do during your Judgment Detox journey is deeply transformational and will give you incredible clarity.

And putting pen to paper makes a massive difference!

This gorgeous journal makes it easy to follow along with the exercises in Judgment Detox.

With the Judgment Detox Journal, you will…

  • Easily follow the 6-step Judgment Detox process with guided prompts that help you reflect, observe, dig deep and explore.
  • Track your progress through all the practices in the book, like the Emotional Freedom Technique (aka tapping) and daily meditations.
  • Get lots of encouragement and inspiration from me along your journey, following a clear path that unfolds before you.
  • Celebrate your miracle moments in dedicated sections for reflecting on your awesome successes!

Even if you’ve never kept a journal before, the Judgment Detox Journal makes it easy and fun to stick to the practice.

You’ll be amazed by the shifts you experience.

I designed this beautiful, step-by-step journal to offer you a path to true healing, oneness and a deeper connection to the Universe. - Gabrielle Bernstein