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Original Artwork- By Elicia Ward

I admit 2 major flaws that set me back most. 1. My inability to be consistent, 2. My inability to do one thing at a time.

Sometimes life is a bit full on... It’s best to just step back & leave the to do list for another day. Perhaps hang out with a Guitaricorn & paint the world with a bit of, ‘my mind is free from your rules’, if even just for a moment. It’s fuel enough to drive you through even the most boring of activities... 

I’ve always been told to do one thing at a time, but what about the Guitaricorn? It may explain why I can’t focus on doing repetitive tasks consistently, I’ve never been a ‘one thing at a time’ person, nor have I mastered the ability to just be consistent. One day perhaps, but until then I’ll multitask on all realms & hire a team of people to help with all my weak points…