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Green Fluorite & Apophyllite Crystal Cluster


Stunning Green Fluorite points on a brilliant white Apophyllite Crystal Cluster. Measuring approximately: Length 11.5cm x Width 9cm x Height 4.8cm. Weight 522 grams.

Fluorite Healing Properties

Fluorite helps clarify confusing energies and helps you receive higher wisdom during meditation and other spiritual practices. Especially helpful for anxiety that manifests as a racing mind full of fears of the future, Fluorite brings clarity of mind and mental function, helping you to calmly and rationally work through that which troubles you. Fluorite is a student's best friend, enhancing memory, comprehension and learning. 

Apophyllite Healing Properties

Apophyllite activates your inner vision and psychic gifts, allowing for greater connection to your higher self. When you experiences have caused you to feel disillusioned, Apophyllite helps get you back on track so that you can continue your spiritual journey. It helps you cultivate trust in the Divine and gain a more enlightened perspective about worldly experiences. 


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