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Golden Rutile Star & Assorted Stone Pendants


Four unique crystal pendants, comprising of different shaped cabochons, bezel set in contemporary Sterling Silver pendant designs. Chains sold separately.

Pendant One - Semi Circle Golden Rutile Star with Hematite inclusions, above a teardrop shaped Dendritic Quartz Cabochon.

Pendant Two - Marquise Shape Golden Rutile Star with Hematite inclusions, above a teardrop shaped Dendritic Quartz Cabochon.

Pendant Three - Round Sunstone cabochon, above a shield shaped Golden Rutile Star Cabochon.

Pendant Four - Oval cut Citrine, above an oval shaped Golden Rutile Star with Hematite inclusions

Chains available here

Golden Rutile Star Healing Properties

Golden Rutile quickens the process of manifestation, intuition, psychic opening and conscious expansion, it assists us in attuning to our Higher Self and helps us know if someone or a situation is not serving us. Also called the Asteriated Quartz, it is beneficial for spiritual, mental and physical health, giving protection again ill thoughts  and bitter memories from the past.

Dendritic Quartz Healing Properties

Powerful and healing, Dendritic Quartz acts as a bridge to the highest aspects of your mental and spiritual potential. It enhances your connection to the universal life force or chi energy, helping you find your place in the grand scheme of existence. Dendritic Quartz helps you cut through any unhelpful illusions you have taken on from your upbringing or culture and see the truth of how to live a life in line with your truth. If you want to deepen your connection to spiritual guides and angels, Dendritic Quartz can help you access your helpers and receive their guidance and messages.

Sunstone Healing Properties

Sunstone is a stone thought to bring luck and good fortune to its owner. It clears and energises all the chakras, helps dissipate fearfulness, alleviate stress and increase vitality. Especially helpful for those who have difficulty saying “No” to others,  Sunstone facilitates self-empowerment and independence, confidence and feelings of self-worth. 

Citrine Healing Properties

Citrine opens you up to the divine will helps you understand your manifestation efforts are supported by the universe. Citrine increases the related powers of creativity and sexuality, removing blocks that may hinder full expression in these areas. It supports physical energy and stamina in the body. 


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