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Gibeon Meteorite Double Merkabah Pendant


One of a kind. The Star Of David symbol overlaid one within another, over a rare Gibeon Meteorite, both set in a Sterling Silver pendant. Chain Sold separately. 

* Please wear with care and avoid contact with water. 

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Gibeon Meteorite Healing Properties

Gibeon Meteorite is estimated to be 4.8 billion years old, and landed in Namibia, Africa 30,000 years ago. It is comprised of the same material that forms the Earth's core. The patterns on Gibeon Meteorite are known as Widmanstatten Patterns and formed as the Meteorite took literally millions of years to cool down. They are only found on Meteorites, and each Meteorite has a unique pattern, like a fingerprint. 

Gibeon Meteorite has long been considered sacred.It is known as the 'genius stone' for its ability to encourage cross-hemispheric brain function and higher-order creative thinking. It is also known as a 'psychic stone' because it helps you get in touch with your intuition and inner voice, while allowing access to higher planes of existence. Gibeon Meteorite actualises your purpose and facilitates great spiritual and mental awakenings. 


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