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Forever Numerology


In Forever Numerology, Lynn Buess again takes a gigantic leap for numerology with extraordinary new insights and methods of interpretation. This volume will define new standards for years to come. You will be swept through transcendent realms of light and awareness, even as Buess's solid psychological base and down-to-earth reality keeps you centered right here in the present moment.

Having practiced for decades as a psychotherapist, Buess has uncovered deeply repressed blocks and negative unconscious complexes in many of his clients. In this book, he works some of his insights for recognizing dysfunction into the interpretation of numerology in the hopes of awakening new seekers to the dark side of the self. Once you recognize this dark side, you have the possibility of working it out of your life. The interpretations and experiences presented in this book are given through the symbolic wisdom of the numbers.

Truly, no complete volume can be written on any subject; however, the book you now hold comes closer than ever to portraying the evolution of consciousness through the symbology of numbers. It will be of help in your journey through life and in your search for the meaning of numbers.