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Except This Love


'Except This Love'

Original Artwork by Elicia Ward

Nothing could bring back the colours stolen from her heart...

I see infinite space & illusions of time. A failing limitation in our perception, I am reminded of Plato, the allegory of the cave... we cannot know reality, we can only live through shadows breaking free bouncing from mere labels at best.

Except this love...

Speaks of the love that only contrast of my wishes could deliver. With unwavering integrity I kept true to my personal laws & for that I am delivered an unveiled world of true love & connection. I accept, no one will ever figure out the Rubik's cube that is the essence of me & all I have endured. But as I become the woman I have chosen to be, I see how powerful the expression of who I am really is. I will paint the world to show you parts of the whole, this will be enough to open doors for us. 

The grey scale of limitation of which we are taught to abide need not threaten as it's not 'all' there is... 

Ask more questions, choose to be bold & you will find the, 'you' that's left after all the limitations are met. You are the genius potential awaiting the decision to step out of tainted perceived ideas. 

“Freedom takes discipline & you have the power to paint your world”