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Crystal Goddess 888 Living the Sacred Feminine


The divine feminine empowers sacred creativity within every human heart.

When you manifest from the sacred depths of your awakening heart, you are not bending the world to your will, but co-creating with life itself, in such a way that all beings can gain spiritual benefit. Bringing your visions to fulfilment generates healing and transformation for you, for our human collective, for our planet. This book is your guide to wild and wise manifestation with compassion, surrender, and trust in divine love.

Reclaim your joy, honour your brilliant rebellious spirit, tap into your resourceful shadow self, and embrace your passions, to heal and manifest your divine destiny. Alana brings together wild and loving goddesses and the wisdom of crystals with real-life stories to bring healing crystal – goddess alchemy to life in your life.

These teachings support the awakening of your innate power to walk an authentic path and create your own expression of heaven on earth. Whether you are new to all this or have been on your conscious path for years, you’ll find a wealth of treasure here. Be nurtured by Tara, know your self-worth with Lakshmi, work with the divine defiance of Ishtar, and embody the sensuality, sacred rage and freedom of Bastet, Sekhmet and Rhiannon. Wise spiritual guides from the mystical worlds of crystals and goddesses are ready to help you manifest from strength, wholeness and limitless possibility. Are you ready?   

Featuring 18 full-colour Crystal Master Mandalas by artist Jane Marin.